Boots Type International

Boots / 13 September, 2019

Boots Type International

Giant Flames Boots
the best brand of boots – giant flames
Giant Flames was founded in October 2012. Website AADEWA Terpercaya. Giant Flames itself is inspired by men’s shoes with vintage or vintage shoe designs.

Giant Flames boots use synthetic leather, but still have a high quality that is guaranteed, and has a soft texture to the touch, so it remains comfortable when used.

merk sepatu boots terbaik buatan lokal - joey footwear

Price Range: Rp 220,000 – Rp 229,000
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Joey Footwear Boots
the best brand of boots made locally – joey footwear
Joey Footwear boots have strong material that is durable and comfortable for travel. Joey Footwear boots are made of quality materials such as synthetic leather and suede.

Joey Footwear boots are very suitable for use in any activity and terrain and have an affordable price.

merk sepatu boots terbaik - piede

Price Range: Rp. 193,000 – Rp. 230,000
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Piede Boots
best brand of boots – piede
Piede is a local brand which is the fourth generation of the original ancestor of the shoe-producing region. One of the mainstay products of Piede is Piede boots made from CH or Crazy Horse leather.

Piede boots are also equipped with rubber wood fiber, making them lighter and more durable. Piede boots are very suitable for use when motorized.

merk sepatu boots terbaik - giant flames

Price Range: Rp. 260,000 – Rp. 559,900
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